UFC 117: Joe Rogan Previews Matt Hughes Vs Ricardo Almeida

In the UFC’s latest promo video for August 7th’s UFC 117 event, Joe Rogan previews the welterweight clash between Matt Hughes and Ricardo Almeida.

According to Rogan Almeida holds several advantages over his veteran opponent and former ruler of the 170lb division.

“Ricardo is the better athlete. Ricardo is a much better striker, he’s much more fluid on his feet, he has better takedown defense, he has better takedowns.”

When it comes to Hughes though, Rogan takes a more general approach to describing his skill-set.

“Matt Hughes is one of the most successful welterweights in the history of the sport, if not the most successful. He’s very, very physically strong. He’s very good at dictating where the fight takes place, taking guys down, getting on top of them and smashing them, that’s what he does best.”

“I think it’s a very intriguing match-up,” Rogan says in conclusion. “We’re going to find a lot about the motivation of Matt Hughes, we’re going to find out a lot about the skill-set of Ricardo Almeida.”

Watch Rogan’s full preview of the fight below.


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