UFC 117: Scorecards & Compustrike Highlight Chael Sonnen’s Dominance Against Silva

It’ll come as no surprise to anyone who was watching the fight, but it’s still interesting to note that Chael Sonnen was en-route to a dominating victory over Anderson Silva before he succumbed to a submission late in the fifth and final round.

A snapshot of the judge’s scorecard, which can be seen below, shows that Sonnen was up 40-34, 40-36 and 40-35 heading into the final round.

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Meanwhile the Compustrike stats for the fight show that Sonnen claimed a record for most strikes landed during a fight – 289, a testament to both the challenger’s relentless ground and pound assault, and the champions resilience.


  1. Chael Sonnen did an outstanding job and should be commended for his work. I was jumping up and down in my livingroom as he pounded Silva for 41/2 rounds. Silva who many believed was unbeatable will undeniably have little left after this fight and will retire. Chael said it before the fight that he would pound him and make him retire. I believe it. Did you see Silva trying to give an autograph after fight- he could hardly stand up and his faced showed a beaten fighter. Chael you broke his spirit. Your performance was outstanding and you should be commended on what you did. Great job. Get the immediate rematch if there is a clause in the contract. You deserve to be the guy who gets the win over Silva and nobody else. You beat the fight out of him and you deserve a rematch. Ask Dana White because Dana is likely to give it to you. What a fight. You deserved to win. God Bless


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