UFC 118 Conference Call With James Toney And Randy Couture

UFC 118, featuring a much talked about ‘MMA Vs Boxing’ bout between Randy Couture and James Toney is now just over a fortnight away, and yesterday the two men gave their thoughts on the fight during the pre-fight conference call.

Check out the full audio of the conference call below courtesy of mmabay.co.uk.

Key Quotes

James Toney:

“It’s not how much you learn but how fast you learn,” he said. “I’m ready to go. Whatever, wherever, it doesn’t matter. I’m born to win. Check my record, check my DNA.”

“You’ll see James do what he does best and that’s knock his head off.  You know, like I said, I’m not worried about whatever Randy’s going to do. Randy’s going to be Randy, James will be James, you know what I’m saying? Whatever happens, happens. But you know what, I’m winning, point blank, hands down. If he decides to get close to me, he knows it’s a wrap for him.”

“Randy’s good at what he does, I’m great at what I do.  Now he’s talking about he’s going to lay on top of me? God bless him, but I ain’t no female so I ain’t going down like that. He’s getting knocked out.”

“I don’t care about the boxing community.  I care about James Toney. It’s about James Toney and Randy Couture. It’s not about James Toney and boxing.”

Randy Couture:

“I think the sport’s going to be fine regardless of the outcome of this fight. You know, we’ve been expanding globally and the sport’s really taken off, so I don’t feel any extra pressure in that circumstance.”

“I’ve been out there representing the sport of mixed martial arts in a lot of ways for a long, long time so that’s nothing new. This is a little different circumstance. Before it was because nobody understood who we were or what we did and why we got in a cage to fight, and now it’s just, you know, the technical engagement of mixed martial arts versus predominately a boxer.”

“Technically in preparation for this fight, James poses a little bit of different problems.  I’ve faced a lot of different strikers, but never one like James.  James has a unique boxing style and sets things up in a particular way, and I’ve had to adjust my tactics and training to fit that and try to be effective in a different way.”

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  1. If James weren’t so damn dilussionial, he may have a puncher’s chance to win this fight. He is an outstanding boxer with very little common sense on the mma sport. I predict 3 rounds of ground and pound. Unanimous decision for Randy.


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