UFC 118 In-Depth Preview Video

The In-depth preview video for UFC 118 starts with a look at the main event, a lightweight title rematch between current champion Frankie Edgar and the former belt holder BJ Penn.

There was no trash-talking to be heard ahead of their encounter at UFC 112 in April, but that won’t be the case second time around with Penn clearly fired up by the change to gain revenge against the only man to beat him at lightweight for eight years.

“He can run around the ring all he wants,” Penn says. “Sooner or later he has to step up to me and do something. I wanna knock him out or submit him, or slam him on his head and have him get knocked out from that.”

“His corner, they don’t have much to work with. They’ve only got Frankie Edgar. They don’t have the knockout king, the submission king. They’ve got Frankie Edgar.”

While the former title holder exudes confidence, Edgar by contrast is less in your face, and reading between the lines he shows signs of still feeling the need to prove he belongs at the top of the 155lb tree.

“I’m going in this to win,” Edgar says. “You know, I’m not going in saying, ‘ah, I only beat him once, I probably can’t beat him again’. Obviously I have confidence in myself. I had confidence the first time, and hopefully I can build on that confidence and be even more confident coming into the second fight.”

The video also includes a look at both the co-main event between Randy Couture and James Toney, plus the lightweight fight between Kenny Florian and Gray Maynard which could establish who will be up next to fight the winner of Penn Vs Edgar.

Watch the full in-depth preview video below courtesy of Yahoo Sports.


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