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UFC 118: Marcus Davis Brutal Eye Injury

It’s fair to say things haven’t exactly been going well for Marcus Davis lately. He’s now suffered losses in three of his last four fights, and to add to his woes he’s taken some severe beatings in the process.

Davis has always been known as a fighter that cuts easily. In fact a couple of years ago the former boxer claimed to have had cuts around his eyes stitched up 77 times. That only made him more susceptible to being cut, and so he underwent surgery to remove the excess scar tissue.

Unfortunately for ‘The Irish hand-Grenade’ he was once again bleeding from a cut above his eye last night at UFC 118 as Nate Diaz peppered his face with strikes for much of their three round fight.

Worse than that however was the massive swelling around his eye which suggested that the 37 year-old had suffered more than just superficial damage in the exchanges.

Though he was eventually choked out in third round, Davis can take some consolation in taking home the $60,000 ‘Fight Of The Night’ award, his third such bonus in his UFC career.  You have to wonder how many more wars this battle-weary warrior can take though with his many years of fighting clearly taking a toll on him.

Check out a picture of the swelling taking after the fight, and also take a look at how his face looked after being knocked out in November of 2009 by Ben Saunders.

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