UFC 118: Randy Couture Defeats James Toney In The First Round

In the so-called ‘MMA Vs Boxing’ showdown at tonight’s UFC 118 event it was MMA legend Randy Couture who emerged victorious against legendary boxer James Toney.

Within seconds Couture had taken Couture down with a low single and was applying a beatdown as the crowd rang out chants of “UFC” while Toney looked like a fish out of water on his back.

After bloodying him up with ground and pound against the fence it was only a matter of time until Couture sank in an arm triangle forcing the tap just 3.19mins into the fight.

With the win Couture moves to 18-10 in his MMA career, while Toney remains 72-6-3 (2nc) in his boxing career, but will have to wait to claim his first victory in mixed martial arts.

“I will be back,” was the message from a humble Toney after the fight, but on this evidence he has a lot of work to do if he wants to make any kind of mark on the sport.

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