UFC 118: Take A Trip Inside James Toney’s Training Camp

As James Toney gets ever closer to stepping into the octagon for his MMA debut at UFC 118 on August 28th, fans are growing increasingly curious to find out about the boxer’s training for the fight with Randy Couture.

Aside from occasional sound-bytes from MMA fighter’s who have allegedly been training with him his training regime has so far been kept under-wraps.

In a new series of video’s however reporter Elie Seckbach was welcomed into Toney’s training camp and introduced to the men who are guiding his transition into the sport of mixed martial arts.

According to Toney they’ve put him through the best camp of his life to get him ready for the bout.

“Nobody’s ever made James Toney throw up but him,” he says of the owner of the Slaughterhouse gym. “He owns the crown right now, but I will get him back.”

Toney believes that the training regime he’s underwent in preparation for this fight will stand him in good stead come August 28th.

“We’ve been training hard; we’ve been at this for 9 months now,” Toney said. “I’m coming to MMA. You were all scared to come to my sport. So I got to tear off the real gloves, come to the little girly gloves and come to your sport. I’m going to show you I can beat you at your own game. My thing is to show the world that boxing is the number one discipline.”

So after nine months of MMA training, how does Toney, the self-proclaimed ‘best fighter in the world’, rate his own MMA skill level at this moment in time.

“I’m gonna go and say ‘5’,” was the boxer’s surprisingly non-sugarcoated answer.

Despite his new-found skills though Toney still believes it’s his boxing skills that will allow him to claim victory against the UFC hall-of-famer.

“Hey, Randy Couture, come and see me on August 28th. Soon as you get close, all I need is three inches to knock your bitch ass out. That’s all I need – three inches,” he warns.

Check out the interviews and footage of Toney training below courtesy of MMAfighting.com.


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