UFC 118: Video Trailer

The first trailer for August 28th’s UFC 118 event is interesting for a couple of different reasons.

Firstly it features Frankie Edgar taunting BJ Penn, something he’s tended to shy away from in the past.

“They said you were going to destroy me, but you didn’t. What are they going to say when I beat you again?” asks Edgar at the start of the video.

Penn has already expressed some anger at Edgar for initially seeming less than keen to have an immediate rematch with the former champion, and this latest comment will only add fuel to the fire.

Meanwhile boxer James Toney also gets in on the promo smack talk.

“Randy Couture. Hey princess, I’mma get you.”

Couture doesn’t feature on the promo but in the next part of the video a full screen title saying “Boxing Vs The UFC,” appears which indicates the promotion isn’t going to shy away from the ‘freak show’ aspect of the bout.

Check it out for yourselves below.


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