–  The UFC is planning to hold ‘Fight Night’ cards in the UK, but it’s going to take time to figure out how and when it’ll happen.

–  Dana confirmed the UFC will return to Ireland, but again the logistics of the situation make it difficult to say exactly when.

–  In Dana’s opinion matchmaker Joe Silva has, “done a fantastic job” in taking a slow, methodical approach to Jon Jones climb up the 205lb ladder.

–  White points to India as, “an incredible market that we’re hoping to get into,” noting that they have 300,000,000 males between the ages of 18-32.  He says they are currently, “working on some deals down there.”

–  WEC featherweight champion Jose Aldo has a desire to fight at 155lbs and may fight in that weight class very soon.  It wasn’t 100% clear if White meant in the WEC or the UFC though.

However later when asked if the WEC and UFC’s 155lb weight-classes would eventually merge White said with a smile, “We’re working on a lot of things right now that we’ll be announcing in the next couple of months.”

–  White says that the first season of The Ultimate Fighter was the craziest.

–   Again White said that he’d, “never say never” in response to a question about signing Fedor.  He went on to say that he flew to a small island in the middle of nowhere to try to hash out a deal with him in the past but despite getting over the c0-promotional angle and offering him an excellent deal they still didn’t accept.

–  The UFC president carefully danced around the topic of breaking back into Japan and the Jakuza’s influence in that neck of the woods – “If your not in over there it’s very tough to do business,” he said, before later adding, “it’ll eventually happen.”

Yet another fan asked about yet another new market – South Korea, and guess what, yet again White said they want to, but he’s not sure exactly when.

–  “We’re definitely going back to Abu Dhabi next year.”

–  In response to a fan’s question White says he’s not really into the idea of doing an autobiography, though he might reconsider it in the distant future.

–  Dana says that Lorenza Fertitta’s dream is to have an event in Italy.

–  On the subject of Scotland as a possible target for an event – “So many people hit me up about Scotland, I know it’s a big market up there.”, White said, adding that it was definitely on their map for the future.

–  There are plans to open up a UFC gym in England, and there are plans for 20 gyms to be opened worldwide in 2011.

–  Despite a passionate plea from a fan and the backing of the UK crowd to bring back Paul Daley, Dana White stuck to his guns and said he’ll never return if he has a say in it.

–  There’s no plans to bring back the tournament format in the UFC.

–  Dana is still confident of overcoming their political problems in Germany in time, pointing to the fact that other sports pro-wrestling have also had to battle to become accepted in the country.

–  Final note: shame on all the people begging for ticket for the event from Dana throughout the Q&A.

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