In a battle of the heavyweights at UFC 120 neither Cheick Kongo or Travis Browne was able to secure a definitive win.

The first round was a curiousity with Browne showing some sloppy technique with his hands down and winging wild, reckless punches, while Kongo, who normally relishes the stand-up battle appeared overly-cautious and surprisingly got caught with some of those wild shots.

Whatever his corner said to him inbetween rounds seemed to work and the Frenchman started to put forward some offense of his own in the second. This clearly wasn’t to Browne’s liking and his own output suffered as a result. As the round progressed Kongo worked from the clinch against the fence and began to wear down the bigger man with repeated knee strikes to the legs. Browne scored a takedown at the end of the round, but Kongo did the better work overall.

By the third it was clear that Browne was slowing down but Kongo then made a critical error that lessened his chances of taking advantage of the situation.

Clinched up against the fence in the third repeatedly held on to his opponents shorts. Ignoring a warning from the referee Kongo was then penalized by the deduction of a point which left him with an uphill task to win on points. A lack of urgency from Kongo to push for a win and take the fight out of the judges hands allowed Browne to survive the rest of the round relatively unscathed.

The point deduction then played a significant role in the outcome as all three judges called the fight as a draw (28-28 x3)

Overall this was a disappointing fight. Browne’s stand-up technique left a lot to be desired and his cardio also came up short in the later stages of the fight, while Kongo appeared unusually hesitant to engage and gave a flat performance.