A preliminary bout at tomorrow night’s UFC 120 event between Steve Cantwell and Stanislav Nedkov has been scrapped due to an injury.

In one of his final training sessions for the fight on Thursday Cantwell suffered a ripped knee ligament leaving him unable to compete on Saturday night.

With the UFC unable to secure a different opponent at such late notice Nedkov was also removed from the card, though officials have confirmed he will receive his full fight fee.

It’s another blow for Cantwell who hasn’t fought since September of last year due to injury problems.  After pulling out of UFC 108 at the start of the year due to an undisclosed medical problem Dana White cautioned that the issue may end the fighter’s career.

Cantwell’s expected participation at UFC 120 showed that not to be the case, but his new injury is another setback and could now delay his return to action until some time in 2011.  With two losses in a row on his record for the promotion it’s the just the kind of bad luck he doesn’t need right now.