UFC 121: Buy Rate Estimate Looks Promising

With Brock Lesnar on-board last weekend’s UFC 121 there were high hopes that the event would be another major success for the UFC in terms of pay-per-view sales, and according to the early estimates that is indeed the case.

“The earliest PPV numbers, which this early in the game is at best a rough estimate, is slightly more than 1 million, putting it in the same range as all the biggest events in company history except UFC 100,” reports Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer who has become the primary source of PPV numbers following UFC events.

It should be stressed that this is based on trending data which can be inaccurate, but if it proves to be true then this would be another feather in the UFC’s cap and confirms Lesnar as the pound-for-pound biggest draw in the sport with all three of his last fights breaching the 1 million sales barrier.

  • UFC 100: Lesnar Vs Mir 2 – 1.6 million PPV buys
  • UFC 116: Lesnar Vs Carwin – 1.05 million PPV buys
  • UFC 121: Lesnar Vs Velasquez – 1 million+ PPV buys (estimate)

Whether that will remain the case now that he’s been beaten convincingly remains to be seen, but there’s no question that the promotion’s gamble to bring in the relatively untested former pro-wrestler to the UFC has been an overwhelming success regardless of what happens next.

This is also good news for Cain Velasquez who, despite having fought a number of times already for the UFC, was still not one of the most widely recognized fighters in the promotion.  Now, thanks to the coverage both pre and post fight from mainstream sources, the impressive nature of his win, and the sheer number of people who tuned into watch the pay-per-view broadcast he’s now emerged as a genuine star with particularly strong links to Latino fans, a relatively untapped market for the UFC.


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