UFC 121: Watch Brock Lesnar’s Pre-Fight ESPN Interview

The UFC’s heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar made his latest appearance on ESPN today to talk about his title fight with Cain Velasquez this coming weekend at UFC 121.

On the Shane Carwin fight:

“It was a huge confidence booster knowing that I can take a pretty good shot. Obviously a guy like Shane Carwin – heavy-handed and landed a lot of good punches on me and I was able to survive and come back in the second round and secure a submission victory. So that fight was a huge confidence builder for me.”

On Cain Velasquez:

“Well he’s a well rounded fighter. He’s a former Division 1 athlete, a wrestler, so I think he poses some unique strategies in his stand-up game, he stays busy. We’re just going to try to secure him, corner him, take him to wherever we need to take him to win.”

On his own attributes:

“Well I think my size and speed. Obviously I’m the heavyweight champion for a reason. I don’t think Cain Velasquez is going to be the guy to take my title away from me.”

On how he’s improved since joining MMA:

“Well from the beginning I think patience and learning different disciplines and having more time in the octagon really helps out. Having a little more experience in the octagon and the training room.”

On his diet:

“I’m allowed one cheat day and that was yesterday. I had two slice of pizza.”

On his weight:

“Normally I walked around about 280-285[lbs] and now I’m walking around about 268-270. Obviously it’s from the diet and a long, extensive, brutal training camp. I should have no problem coming in naturally at 265 for fight night…maybe around the 270 area. Looking lean and mean and ready to come down and whoop some butt.”


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