TUF Season 7 winner Amir Sadollah strolled to victory tonight with a good display of striking against home favorite Peter Sobotta.

Sadollah utilized his muay thai skills effectively in the first half of round one, but then a missed high kick allowed Sobotta to clinch his back against the cage. Sadollah stayed calm though and avoided being taken down, turned and as the round drew to a close was able to break free and throw another brief flurry of strikes.

In round two it became clear that Sadollah was gaining a definitive advantage in the striking, showing good combinations and effective muay thai kicks. Getting a little desperate Sobotta started trying spinning back kicks, but one missed it’s target and Sadollah was able to take him down and land some strikes.  Back on their feet at the end of the round Sadollah landed a kick to the midsection that clearly winded his opponent, but the bell came just in time to save him.

Sadollah continued to put on a Dutch muay thai exhibition in the third round, and with Sobotta unable to offer anything significant in return the only thing he could display was his heart and toughness to stick it out until the end.

Needless to say Sadollah rode to a comfortable 30-27 unanimous decision on the judges scorecards, leaving him 4-2 in his UFC career to date.  Meanwhile Sobotta dropped to his third straight loss and it’s unlikely he’ll get a fourth chance to prove himself in the octagon.