On paper this looked like being one of the most entertaining fights on the UFC 122 fight card, and for as long as it lasted it certainly was enjoyable to watch.

Both men looked good in the early exchanges, with Winner looking quick, while Siver looked powerful and showed good counters despite being at a reach disadvantage.

As the two continued to exchange Winner pressed forward and missed with an uppercut, allowing Siver to hit home with a left hook counter which dropped the UK fighter.  After a flurry of strikes to his grounded oppoent Siver pounced on the still stunned Winner and took his back, quickly finding a rear-naked choke.  Winner did his best to hang on, but Siver would not be denied and locks it in tight, forcing the tap at 3.37mins.

The impressive win by the German gives the home fans something to celebrate and hands Siver his second consecutive win, leaving him 6-4 in the UFC.

Despite his potential Winner on the other hand is now two fights without a win, and that puts him 2-3 in the promotion since appearing in the TUF season 9 show.