In a battle of 205lb contenders it was ‘The Polish’Experiment’ Krzysztof Soszynski who emerged victorious against Goran Reljic.

The first round was largely played out on the feet with both men swinging for the fences, with Soszynski perhaps getting the better of the action, but neither really gaining a definitive advantage over the other.  As the round progressed Reljic successfully secured a takedown but then found himself in danger as  Soszynski  threatened with a kimura.  Reljic defended well though and made is throught to the bell in top control.

The most significant action of round two saw Reljic taking Soszynski down again, though failing to really press home the advantage and the two men were stood back up.  Later Soszynski tried to even the score by clinching Reljic against the cage and landing a series of knees to the Croatian’s legs.

After two relatively even rounds, the third was all Soszynski as Reljic visibly tired.  For the first time the Pole got on top on the mat and was able to land some heavy shots.  When Reljic finally made it back to his feet it was clear he was running on empty and could do little but hang on and try to ride out the remaining minutes on the clock.

Soszynski wasn’t ready to let him off the hook though and continued to press the action, leaving an exhausted Reljic to flop onto his back.  The Pole then rained down more blows on the Croatian but wasn’t able to bring a halt to the contest before the final bell.

It was an excellent to the fight for Soszynski, and all three judges handed him a clean sweep on the scorecards, winning by a 30-27 unanimous decision.

The win gets Soszynski back on track after losing to Stephan Bonnar, while Reljic may now be fearing for his future in the promotion having lost all three fights since returning from a long lay-off due to injury.