UFC 124: GSP Fired Up Ahead Of Josh Koscheck Rematch

We’re used to seeing welterweight champion Georges St.Pierre projecting a very cool, calm, and composed image ahead of his fights, but as he gears up for his rematch with Josh Koscheck it’s clear that there’s more fire and passion in him this time out.

It was evident at yesterday’s weigh-ins, and again in a video released today by the UFC showing the opening to tonight’s PPV broadcast.

“I’ve never been so excited for a fight in my life, and tonight it’s happening right here in Montreal, and I’m ready to kick his ass,” GSP says in determined fashion.

“I’m here tonight to win and to take him out. I will be relentless. Josh Koscheck will be eliminated.”

Koscheck has admitted during fight week that he tried his hardest to get under the champion’s skin during the filming of The Ultimate Fighter season 12 which came to a conclusion last week, and it’s clear that he succeeded.

Tonight we’ll find out whether that helps or hinders his chances of claiming the belt. Will St.Pierre’s eagerness to finish his rival take him too far away from the more strategical mentality that’s proven so successful for him in the past, or is a meaner, more determined version of the pound-for-pound great going to prove to be Koscheck’s worst nightmare?

I must admit I’m not entirely sure, but I can’t wait to find out. One thing I do know is that this more vocal and passionate version of the Canadian superstar is going to thrill his existing fans, and perhaps even win him some new ones as well who claim that he is too ‘boring.”


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