Josh Koscheck made an appearance on ESPN earlier today to talk about his fight with welterweight champion Georges St.Pierre at UFC 124 on Saturday night.

Here’s the keynotes from his conversation.

– Koscheck says he learned that he needed to be, “a more complete fighter,” after his first loss to GSP back in 2007.

– He says that his game has evolved a lot in the past three years and that gives him confidence he can beat the champ this weekend. He adds that he believes his natural instinct to finish fights will give him an advantage over GSP.

– Koscheck says he hopes GSP stands with him more this time around. He also shrugs off Freddie Roach’s statement that he’ll get knocked out by a left hook, saying, “I don’t think that’ll be the case,” adding that if St.Pierre tries to strike with him he’ll be the one getting knocked out.

– No stranger to being the villain, Koscheck says he’ll be prepared for the boo’s he’ll be getting at the event, noting that the last time he was in Montreal he got spat on, and drinks and popcorn thrown at him. He likens it to Rocky going into Russia.

“I believe I’m going to win this fight and knock Georges St.Pierre out in round two or three,” is Koscheck’s prediction for the bout.


  1. Josh Koscheck reminds me of the bully’s I faced in Jr. High/High School. He is a solid welterweight no doubt. A contender? I think that this is a match that most people are going to watch just to see “the bully” get his face smashed. Include me in the ranks that believe that he does not stand a chance against St.Pierre. Contrary to popular belief Kos will not be the agresser. He says he wants to strike with GSP? He will be backed up by St.Pierre, punished standing, punished on the mat and SUBMITTED in the 2nd or 3rd. OUT CLASSED.