Despite still being a relative newcomer to the UFC, Stefan Struve’s next opponent Sean McCorkle has been talking up a storm ahead of their heavyweight encounter on the main card of next weekend’s UFC 124 fight card.

“The only way Struve is going to shut my mouth with his hand is if he decides to tap on my lips,” is just one of the many one-liners McCorkle has used in his attempt to get under the Dutchman’s skin.

Struve himself is cut from a different cloth.

“I don’t really like to trash-talk, I just like to go in there and do my business,” he says in a new pre-fight interview with

Therefore Struve’s plan is to make a fool of the cocky 37 year-old inside in the cage.

“For him it’s bad enough that he’s fighting me. He’s fighting [in front of] the biggest crowd the UFC has to offer, millions of people are going to watch him go down. So, it’s going to be a disaster for him.”

Struve, 15 years his opponents junior, finished his last fight by KO, and he’s looking for more of the same this time round.

“I’m going for a knockout this time – a big one. Put him to sleep with one big shot, that’s what I’d like to do with him.”

Check out Struve’s full pre-fight comments below.