Georges St.Pierre appeared on ESPN’s Sportscenter today to talk about his upcoming welterweight title defense against Josh Koscheck on Saturday night.

Check out the keynotes from his conversation below.

– GSP says he fully expects it to be a different fight from their first encounter in 2007, but he still expects to win.

– The champion chuckles at the mention of Freddie Roach predicting that he’ll knock Koscheck out with a left hook. GSP says he is keeping his mind open to all possibilities, whether by KO or submission. “It’s not a boxing fight, it’s a mixed martial art [fight]” he says.

– It’s St.Pierre’s belief that Koscheck is bluffing when he says he wants to stand and trade with him. Instead he thinks the wrestler will try to take him to the mat and make him fight from his back. He says he’s been training for that and is ready for that scenario if it happens.

Check out GSP’s full interview below.