UFC 125: Brian Stann Demolishes Chris Leben

Everyone was expecting a stand-up battle between Chris Leben and Brian Stann at UFC 125 and that’s exactly what took place for three minutes and thirty seven seconds.

Leben started with his traditional balls to the wall approach but mid-way through the first round Stann rocked him with a series of punches, a right hand in particular flooring him. Showing his usual resilience Leben manage to get back to his feet but Stann wasn’t finished yet and continued to throw bombs and he goes down again.

Dazed and confused but still not out ‘The Crippler’ once more struggles to his feet only to be met with more punishment concluded with a knee that takes his feet right out from under him. Even Leben can’t survive this kind of sustained assault and can only cover up as the referee steps in to save him from further punishment.

Stann was over the moon with his victory and rightly so, this is the kind of performance that puts him on the map at 185lbs. Only Anderson Silva has put this kind of beating on the former TUF season 1 fighter in the UFC.

It’s a tough start to 2011 for Leben though after an impressive three fight winning streak in 2010.


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