Clay Guida and Takanori Gomi kicked of the UFC 125 main card with both men believing that a win would push them into the upper reaches of the division.

In round one Guida expended plenty of energy as we’ve come to expect from him, but not much of it was targeted at his opponent, instead preferring to dance around Gomi, bobbing and weaving at all times. It was a little bizarre to watch but it did appear to frustrate the Japanese fighter who couldn’t figure out how to deal with him and as such failed to launch any offense of his own.

Guida was trying the occasional takedown as well though, and Gomi appeared to be dealing with it well until the final minute of the round when ‘The Carpenter’ finally took him down and ended the round in top control.

The second round began in much the same vein with Gomi continuing to be baffled by Guida’s style. When he finally did land something meaningful, a good knee to the head, Guida immediately took him to the mat and before long caught Gomi in an arm in guillotine choke. ‘The Fireball Kid’ tried to escape but ran out of air and was forced to tap.

This was Guida’s second submission victory in three fights, highlighting the evolution of his game. His stand-up style was certainly unorthadox, and perhaps even a little comical at times, but it certainly did it’s job on this occasion, keeping him out of harms way until he was able to take his opponent to the mat.

As for Gomi, he’s the opposite, having not lost two of his last three fights by submission, indicating a real weakness in his game that needs to be addressed, though whether he will be able to do so while still in the UFC remains to be seen.