Two long time stars of the UFC, Rich Franklin and Forrest Griffin will do battle in the co-main event of the UFC 126 card on February 5th.

In separate interviews below the two fighters discuss their forthcoming match-up, amongst other things. Check it out below.

Rich Franklin:

“If you saw Forrest and I standing together you’d think we were in different weight-classes,” Franklin tells MMAHeat’s Karyn Bryant. “He’s about 6ft 3″, He’s got broad shoulders, he’s just a big, big man.”

“We both like putting on exciting fights, and neither one of us really ever gets tired, so I would imagine from bell to bell this is going to be non-stop.”

Forrest Griffin:

“I think if you look at it, it’s two guys who, you know, good at everything, not really great at anything. We’ll see how it goes on the feet for me. I wouldn’t mind if I could take him down, I’d like that. Like I said, nobody’s a southpaw on the ground so it’d be a little simpler,” Griffin tells the MMA Connected show.