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UFC 126: Post-Fight Press Conference Notes

The UFC 126: Silva Vs Belfort post-fight press conference has just finished in Las Vegas, and you can read the keynotes from it below.

– Jon Jones said he was aware that Rashad Evans was injured, but, “had no clue,” that he was going to get the title shot.

He goes on to says that he’s excited about the opportunity and feels that six weeks is enough time to get ready for his title shot.

– Talking of the decision to award Jones the title shot, Dana White reveals that they only found out for sure that Rashad Evans wouldn’t be able to fight this afternoon. He says that they spoke to Shogun about the possibility of him fighting Jones if he won, and the champion agreed just before the fight started.

– Shogun Rua says he sees a change of opponent at this stage after training for Rashad Evans as “extra motivation.” He also notes that in Japan he was often told who he would be fighting with only a couple of weeks notice, so a change like this doesn’t bother him.

– Dana White says that if GSP wins his fight with Jake Shields then a match-up with Anderson Silva, “is probably the fight we’ll do.”

White then admits that picking a venue for Silva Vs GSP will be the hardest part of putting the fight together.

– White says he’s only that the only time he’s seen the front kick KO that Anderson Silva landed was, “in a video game.”

– With regards to the boos he got from the crowd, Miguel Torres says that he was determined to stick to a gameplan and not get overly aggressive which has cost him in the past.

– Shogun says that he believes Jon Jones is the fighter who deserves to fight for the title the most right now.

– Dana says that he was “nervous” when Silva vs Belfort started out slowly but then, “went from oh shit to OH SHIT!” when Silva landed the KO front kick.

– Jones attributes his win to his “faith and confidence” and his “belief in the people around me.” He adds that after the win and the title opportunity he, “feels on top of the world right now.”

– Shogun admits that being sidelined through injury is never ideal, you says lose a little rhythm when you take time off like this, but that it’s part of the job and he’s experienced this before, so it’s nothing new.

– Dana says, “he has to figure out the Okami piece of this thing,” after appearing to snub him for a title shot. “He’s going to be pissed,” he admitted.

– Dana says, “it’s looking very good that we’ll do [an event in] Japan this year.”

– Jones gives Rashad Evans big props, saying that he’s an amazing person and a great training partner. He also says that he’s already got a head-start in his training for Shogun since he had been watching tape and mimicing him in training to help Evans prepare for his title fight.

According to Jones he and Evans had made a promise not to fight each other.

– Shogun says that his training won’t need to change too much for Jones – he’ll still be focusing on muay thai and wrestling.

– Dana admits he didn’t have a plan for Ryan Bader if he had won against Jon Jones.

– Jake Ellenberger says he needs to work on finishing fights and not leaving it in the hands of the judges after one judge strangely scored his fight 30-27 for his opponent.

– White says ‘Ticketmaster went crazy’ for UFC 128 right after they announced Shogun Vs Jones on air.

– Rashad Evans needs a knee brace and his injury will take 6-8 weeks to heal, and hopefully won’t need surgery. White says he thinks Evans should have fought again sooner rather than waiting for his title shot.

– Dana says the experience factor will be big for Shogun in the fight with Jones, and points out that though Jones has done well against wrestlers, Shogun is a different kind of fighter.

– Anderson Silva reveals that Steven Segal helped him perfect the front kick he used in the fight, and that he was actually practicing it in the dressing room just before he went to the fight.

– When asked if he’d consider leaving the 185lb division, Silva said it was up to Dana White. White pointed out he’d stay at middleweight if he fights GSP. Silva later adds that he’s not planning to move up or down in weight and is just going to prepare for the next fight at 185lbs.

– Silva explains that there’s a code of honor at Team Nogueira that they would never fight each other, but Belfort agreed to that and then broke the promise, and that was what bothered him in the build-up their bout.

– Regarding GSP, Silva says it’s going to be ‘a fun fight,’ and that they will be “flying around” the octagon throwing punches and kicks at each other.

– Silva stresses that just because Belfort lost doesn’t mean he isn’t still ‘The Phenom’ and that you can’t judge him on just one fight.

– About the venue for his fight with GSP – he’d like to have the fight in Brazil, but if not he’d like to fight in Las Vegas which he considers his second home.

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