“You have a fairly well rounded fighter that has some knockout power on his feet and is a very tenacious fighter, and as the fight goes on he fights harder,” Rich Franklin begins in his new video promo for UFC 126 fight with Forrest Griffin.

“Did I just describe me or did I just describe Forrest?” he then asks.  “We kind of fall into the same category.”

It’s a good point, well made as you’d expect from the well spoken, former maths teacher.

One noticeable difference between the two is size.  Much of Franklin’s UFC career has been fought at 185lbs where he once reigned as champion, while Griffin is one of the promotion’s biggest light-heavyweight’s, often tipping the scales at 240lbs+ when not in training for a fight.

Franklin, who KO’d light-heavyweight legend Chuck Liddell in his last fight doesn’t think it’ll be a problem though.

“I honest don’t believe that size will be that big of an issue come fight time. I mean he’s a big guy, he’s got a bigger frame than me, but we’ll put together a good gameplan of footwork and a lot of movement and speed on the outside, and I don’t think I’m going to walk into the octagon and be surprised by anything.”

In a recent interview Griffin hinted he might be contemplating trying to take Franklin down, something that hasn’t escaped his opponent attention.

“I believe that he’s going to use his striking skills to close the distance and then use his size to try to basically smother me and put me on the ground, and I just believe it’s going to be more difficult than that.”

In his last fight Franklin broke his arm, the latest in a succession of injuries he’s had to endure in his career. As much as he’d like to just get the job done quickly against Griffin though, he’s preparing himself to go to war once again.

“I always love the quick 10 second knockout fights where you don’t get injured or anything like that. Forrest and I being the kind of fighters that we are, I believe this one’s going to go for some time and you’re going to see us pound on each other a bit.”

Check out the full interview below.