Jorge Rivera reacted last night on Facebook to his TKO loss against Michael Bisping at UFC 127 in Sydney, Australia.

“To all my fans – I am sorry I disappointed you. I was prepared for this fight and went in there wanting to knock Mike out and started to do so when the illegal knee caught me. It really stunned me.

“It took everything I had to get up and keep fighting. But there was no fucking way I was going to stay down. In the end I couldn’t focus after that and he got me. He won. Period.”

Despite his obvious disappointment at the result not going his way, his fans will be pleased to note that Rivera still managed to retain his sense of humor.

“On the upside…Australian hospitals are prettty nice. I’m impressed. But then again, I’m concussed they tell me. It could be a fleabag motel for all I know.”

Later, after a full check-up, Rivera was able to confirm that he had escaped the fight without serious injury.

“I’m out of the hospital. No major damage. Thanks for all the well wishes everyone. I honestly love you all, but then again they gave me some pretty powerful drugs.”

Rivera made no mention of his camp’s post-fight allegations that Bisping had intentionally threw the illegal knee, or that the Brit has spit at his corner after the fight.

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