Michael Bisping was the center of controversy last night in Australia after defeating Jorge Rivera when his opponent’s manager accused him of intentionally throwing an illegal knee, and spitting on them after the fight was over.

In an interview with Ariel Helwani later, Bisping responded to the allegations.

On the Kneeing Incident:

“There’s absolutely no way I kneed him on purpose, you know. I’d never do that, I’d never disrespect the sport and the rules. I like to be a good ambassador for the sport and I try my best.

It happens quite a lot. You know, there’s a fine line between being on the ground and not. He was getting up, I pulled the trigger a little early. I was a little excited and I apologize for that.

I was penalized accordingly, I had a point taken off, and it could have cost me the fight if I hadn’t finished it in the second round.

But yeah, I am sorry about that, I didn’t want to do that. I like to fight fair, I don’t want to be a dirty fighter – I don’t feel I am, but yeah, I regret that, but as I said, it was heat of the moment, I made a mistake. I was penalized.”

On whether he spit deliberately at Rivera’s corner:

“No not at all, I spit on the floor next to him to let him know what I thought of him. I apologize for that, I’d never want to act like that, and I apologize for losing my cool. He talked a lot of things, he said a lot of things, he mocked me for the world to see.

I tried to bite my tongue, I tried to take the higher ground, but once I started letting my fists fly it’s like the floodgates of emotion opened and it all came boiling out. I said something and I spit on the floor next to him. I didn’t mean to spit though so I do apologize for that.”

On the possibility of a fight with Chael Sonnen:

“Oh, Ok. I’d probably have to go from one fight with someone talking sh*t about me, straight into another one! I don’t think I could handle it, I think I’ve burst enough blood vessels this weekend! Let’s see what the UFC want to say, but listen, I fight for the UFC. They line them up, I knock them down…hopefully…so if that’s what they wanna do, then by all means.”

Watch the full interview with Bisping below courtesy of MMAFighting.

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