UFC 127: Post-Fight Press Conference Notes

In the aftermath of UFC 127 in Sydney, Australia, the UFC’s Marshall Zelaznik and a number of the fighters took to the stage to discuss the event.

See below for keynotes taken from the conference.

– Michael Bisping reveals that in the Octagon after his victory, Dana White told him to keep his cool after he became overly animated and appeared to be arguing with Rivera and his corner. He apologizes for that, admitting that he got overly emotional and caught up in the heat of the moment.

He adds that he was angered and “embarrassed” by some of the thing said about him in the pre-fight videos released by Rivera, but that he should have done a better job of “taking it on the chin.”

Bisping goes on to say he felt he had a good performance. He adds that he believed he had Rivera’s number after finding success with his takedown attempts, and realized he had him hurt early on in the second round.

– Marshall Zelaznik says they have been trying to get a UK Vs Australia TUF Series together, but it’s unlikely to happen this year. They are currently been working on TV deals in both regions for the series.

– Late replacement Brian Ebersole describes his win over Chris Lytle as “a dream come true.”

– Mark Hunt says it’s, “been a long time between drinks,” regarding his first win in a number of years. He says he’s thankful for it, and the fact that it happened in Australia.

– Zelaznik says the UFC hope to come to Melbourne in the future, and believes that given the way the Aussie’s have embraced the sport that they could potentially fill a 50,000+ seater stadium there.

– Bisping states the illegal knee wasn’t intentional, saying he “got a little overexcited and pulled the trigger early.” He says was relieved the fight continued.

When told that Rivera’s camp believed that the knee was intentional, and that he should be suspended for his antics after the fight, he responds with, “Just one classless move after another, I suppose,” and says they should get it over it and accept that Rivera lost.

– Anthony Perosh admitted he was under a lot of pressure since a lot of other Aussie fighters were doing well in the UFC and he still had to get his first win. Says his goal now is simply to climb up the 205lb ladder.

– Penn says “he’s still up in the air,” regarding his emotions following the fight, and is disappointed that he gave away the third round to Fitch. He stops short of admitting that he was considering retirement if he had lost the fight.

– Fitch says he’s “awfully disappointed” he didn’t perform better, and felt he let himself down, regardless of the judges decision. He feels he should have, “turned it on a lot sooner.”

Later Fitch says he was surprised by Penn’s strategy, noting that he expected him to counter-box, and that it slowed down the implementation of his own gameplan.

– Fitch welcomes the idea of their rematch being for the vacant 170lb title if GSP moves up to middleweight in the summer, saying that it woud be, “an epic fight.” Penn is less sure though, saying that he feels he needs a win over Fitch first before fighting for the belt.

– George Sotiropoulos admits it wasn’t his night tonight, and credits Dennis Siver’s takedown defense as a big part of the reason for that. He says that it’ll be business as usual going forward, and he’ll watch the tape back and see how he can improve for the future.

– Penn says he’s going to continue to embrace the grappling aspect of the sport after finding some success with it tonight.

– Dennis Siver says it was a tough fight for him, noting that he had bad jet-lag. He feels he gained good experience from fighting Sotiropoulos and wants to continue moving up the lightweight ladder.

– Bisping says he’ll probably be getting a home in Australia soon since his wife is from there. He says he’ll mainly use it in-between fights.

– Zelaznik says that they would like a “broader platform’ other than Fuel TV in Australia at some stage in the future, particularly for the TUF UK Vs Australia series if it comes to fruition.

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