The UFC held a press conference in Sydney, Australia today ahead of this weekend’s UFC 127: Penn Vs Fitch event, and you can check out keynotes from it below.

– TUF: UK Vs Australia could be coming up soon according to the UFC’s Marshall Zelaznik.

James Te Huna says that would be the perfect platform for up and coming Aussie fighters to show the world what they are capable off.

Michael Bisping says he’s been impressed by the skill level of the Australian fighters he’s come across in his two visits to the country while fighting for the UFC.

– Bisping believes Jorge Rivera has “massively underestimated me”, and looks forward to “making a fool of him.” He describes him as a “relic”, a throwback back to the old days of the sport.

Bisping also jibes Rivera who was keeping quiet, saying, “your not reading from a script now.” Later he says that he watched his last video, and he hopes that wasn’t scripted as it’s something his 9 year-old son would have come up with.

– Jon Fitch says there’s no mystery to BJ Penn, noting that there’s plenty of footage out there of him, and he knows Penn is great at what he does.

– Fitch says he has waited until his skill-set was up to par before embracing the ‘promotional’ side of the fight game. He points out that there’s no point in talking a good fight if you can’t back it up in the Octagon.

– Penn says he’s 165lbs right now and jokes that he will probably drink 4lbs of water on Friday to make Fitch believe he’s bigger than he really is at the weigh-ins.

Penn also says he probably will fight at lightweight again, saying that being at 165lbs makes it’s relatively easy to go back down to that division if necessary.

– It’s Fitch’s birthday tomorrow, but he says that his background in wrestling meant that he’s used to missing important holidays.

– Fitch shrugs off Penn’s training with Floyd Mayweather Sr, saying boxing is different from MMA. Later he describes his belief that if he beats Penn, he’ll take his soul, and put all of the Hawaiian’s previous wins in his back pocket as a result. Penn pipes up with, “that ain’t gonna happen.”

Later, during the traditional post-presser staredowns Bisping is clearly fired up and has plenty to say off-mike to Rivera as they square-off.