While at a press conference in Brazil promoting next August’s UFC: Rio event, Dana White revealed that tickets have already sold out for the promotion’s return visit to Sydney, Australia in February of 2011.

“It’s our second trip to Australia, we just put tickets on yesterday, we sold out over 18,000 tickets in two hours,” White told the Tatame website.

The promotion’s first trip to the Acer Arena in Sydney also produced impressive results, selling out on the first day it was available to the public despite no fights having been announced.

They were better prepared on this occasion though, with much of the fight card already in place, including the headline bout between BJ Penn and Jon Fitch.

White recently stated that he sees Australia as one of the biggest markets in the sport, potentially eclipsing the UK if it continues it’s current growth.

The UFC president also believes that the same thing will happen in Brazil when tickets go on sale in May.

“I think it’s going to be the same thing here in Brazil. And we’re not just talking about Brazilian’s coming here to the fight, this is going to be an international event where people will come from all over the world. So, yeah, I think it’s going to be very successful, and one of many events in Brazil.”

No fighters have yet been announced for the Rio De Janeiro event, but a host of the UFC’s Brazilian stars are expected to feature.


  1. Just wish Dana’ and the boys could knock some sense into Melbourne, Australia which is the number 1 sporting capital in the world! 60% of those 18,000 tickets where purchased by Melburnians

  2. Yeah, it’ll be interesting to see if they expand their reach or if they just play it safe and stick with Sydney since it’s been working for them so far.

    Given the enthusiasm with which they’ve been talking about the Australian market I think they’ll expand what they are doing down under over the next few years.