Earlier we enthused about the quality of the early prelims at UFC 129, and they’ve continued to entertain.

Claude Patrick Vs Daniel Roberts looked like a great fight on paper, and while it didn’t quite live up to expectations it was still a solid three rounder which Patrick won by uananimous decision, largely thanks to his superior stand-up skills.

Things then heated up again as the prelims switched to Spike TV and Jake Ellenberger stepped up to the plate by KO’ing Sean Pierson with a counter left hook mid-way through the first round.

Finally we were treated to what looked on paper to be the best prelim fight between Nate Diaz and Rory MacDonald.

What followed was an impressive fifteen minute display of the 21 year-old MacDonald’s remarkably well-rounded fight game as he dominated a tough competitor in Diaz.

He cleverly combated Diaz rangey striking with kicks while mixing things up with lazer accurate superman punches, powerful suplex throws and excellent clinch work to earn a well deserved unanimous decision victory.

All in all the prelims have been highly entertaining and we can only hope that the main card can match them.