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UFC 129 Walkout T-Shirts: GSP, Randy Couture And Jose Aldo

The next big UFC event doesn’t get underway until April 30th, but the battle of the UFC 129 walkout t-shirts has already begun with three of the big guns on the card, Georges St.Pierre, Randy Couture and Jose Aldo having now released their apparal for the event.

GSP and Couture both go for a tried and tested look on their shirts, while Aldo breaks out some comic-book style artwork on his.

Expect to see plenty of GSP’s t-shirt in the 55,000 strong Canadian crowd on April 30th, while Couture’s shirt could become something of a collectors item if this is indeed to be his last fight, and Aldo’s star will also surely be on the rise after his long-awaited UFC debut.

All three UFC 129 tee-shirts are available to buy now at MMAWarehouse.Com.

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