Chris Leben will stand opposite one of his hero’s in the Octagon at UFC 132 next weekend when he takes on former PRIDE champion Wanderlei Silva.

When most people see their idols they feel an urge to approach them and share a few words or perhaps ask for an autograph, but Leben has something else in mind.

“Wandlerlei Silva is one of my heroes. He’s a legend. Who doesn’t want to beat up one of their idols?” Leben asks.

Leben sees a lot of similarities between Silva’s all-action fighting style and his own.

“I think the reason Wanderlei Silva is so popular is because he’s a real fighter. He goes out there and he knocks guys out. He goes out there and from bell one to the finish of the fight he’s slugging it out, he’s brawling, he’s banging. That’s the same thing about me! When I’m out there, from start to finish I’m slugging and banging and kneeing and punching and elbowing.”

That leads him to only one conclusion.

“You’re going to have an exciting fight! There’s no fan of the UFC that’s not going to want to see this fight.”

Watch Leben’s full thoughts below.