UFC 133: Post-Fight Press Conference – Keynotes

Immediately following this evening’s UFC 133 event the post-fight press conference was held in front of the assembled media and we’ve got full notes from it for you below.

– At the start of the presser Dana White announces that Brian Ebersole won a special $70,000 “Get those embarrassing shorts off of TV as quick as possible,” award. “…I’m not joking either!” he adds.

– Rashad Evans says that speed was the difference in the fight, but at the same time he made sure not to rush into anything and held back in the early stages as he believed Ortiz was going to come out strong.

– Evans believes he may have dislocated his thumb by jarring it during the fight, but doesn’t expect it to take more than a couple of weeks to heal.

– Ortiz says of course things could have gone better if he had more time to prepare, but overall he gives respect to Evans and says he was the better fighter on the night.

– Evans thanks Ortiz personally for stepping up and taking the fight.

– Dana White jokes that Evans has messed up his theory that people have ring-rust as he looked great in the cage. “If that was ring rust, it’s gonna be scary when he comes in without ring rust,” he added.

– According to White, Vitor Belfort is now in a similar position to Ortiz at UFC 132 in that he’s got a quick finish and didn’t take any damage so he expects that he might fight again soon. He’s not sure who he’ll fight though.

– Ortiz reveals that he wants to take some time off now, but is keen to fight again before the end of the year.

– Recalling the moment he got Evans in a guillotine choke Ortiz admits he thought he had him for a brief second, but Evans managed to defend well almost immediately by pushing away his knee and he knew he wasn’t going to get it.

– Belfort wants to fight the winner of Anderson Silva Vs Yushin Okami next .

‘The Phenom’ goes on to state his belief that he’s now faster than he was before, says he’s ready to KO anyone who stands in his path and has a hunger to get the title.

– Dana is “very impressed” and “blown away” with Rory MacDonald brushing aside a seasoned veteran like Mike Pyle. “People are calling this guy the next GSP…including GSP.”

– Belfort claims that the UFC is currently the second most popular sporting event in Brazil other than soccer, and that in three years it will be even bigger than the nations current favorite sport. “Well said Vitor!” exclaims White with a smile.

– Evans says that Rampage Jackson moves like Frankenstein these days, but he warns Jon Jones that despite that he could still beat him.

– If he had the choice Evans would rather fight Jon Jones than Rampage as he really wants to be the first fighter to defeat him and he also feels he’s way too cocky. “You think I’m cocky…he’s really, really cocky. Like: goes to sleep praising himself cocky.”

– Brian Ebersole says it’s a bit surreal to be in the UFC and winning fights, but he’s understandably “pretty happy” about it and believes that his performances mean he’ll be sticking around for a while.

Ebersole jokes that his main concern in the fight wasn’t the rear-naked choke that he had to fend up but rather the possibility that Dennis Hallman may have “a uniform malfunction” after the fighter came out wearing a micro speedo.

– Costantinos Phillipou was disappointed with his performance, but is glad with the win. He feels that nerves got the better of him on the night and he ended up wrestling with Jorge Rivera rather than standing and trading with him as he’d planned to.

– White jokes that Phillipou must have been ok with his wrestling given that he works out with “super-heavyweight” Matt Serra – a barb at the welterweight fighter who appears to have ballooned in weight recently.

– Ortiz talks about the huge knee to the solar plexus from Evans that effectively finished the fight. He says that in his heart he wanted to continue, but his body just wouldn’t respond. “My body shut down.”

– In response to the boos he got from the fans Evans gets a laugh by saying, “I’m thinking of wearing a t-shirt saying “boo if you love me.”

– Ortiz initial reaction to seeing Evans physique at the weigh-ins: “Holy sh!t, he’s got abdominal muscles!”

– Seeing the error of his ways, Evans states he doesn’t want to wait to fight anymore, he just wants to compete and prove that he’s the best. “I’m going to have to fight them all anyways so just line them up.”

– According to Ortiz he’s focusing on the positives these days and has shed his ‘bad boy’ image. Dana says he’s still adjusting to it, but he likes ‘the new Tito’.


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