Following UFC 135 the promotion held their customary post-fight press conference to discuss the big talking points of the evening.

See below for full notes from the presser.

– Jon Jones asked Dana White after the fight if he would now give him his respect as one of the pound-for-pound best fighters in the world, and the UFC president admitted that he would.

White was impressed with Jones due to the fact that he was facing a Rampage who came in motivated and in great shape.

– Jones says he hurt his feet due to “kicking some shins”, but despite having ice packs on them he insists that they are ok.

– Dana reveals that the UFC offered to pay off the remainder of Mark Hunt’s PRIDE contract, but the Kiwi wanted to fight in the UFC, and White glad he gave him the chance to do so.

– White states that Nate Diaz looked better than he ever has before and looked “unstoppable”. He also added that he thought Josh Koscheck looked great, but gave props to Matt Hughes for looking good prior to the KO.

– Jones says he came out on all fours in the beginning as he thought Rampage would be at his most dangerous early in the fight and he figured that he wouldn’t be able to hit hard to an opponent in that position. He had planned to utilize another move from that position but it didn’t work out.

– White was happy to hear that Rampage wants to fight Shogun Rua in Japan, and confirms that the fighter asked him about it backstage. However White points out that Shogun has to fight Dan Henderson first, and Rampage admits he didn’t realize that.

– White believes that Matt Hughes will retire now, but feels that the former champion doesn’t actually want to say the word “retire.” He is going to fly to Vegas to talk about it in a month or so though.

– Koscheck reveals that the very punch that Hughes landed connected with the eye he fractured last time out against GSP and he was concerned about that for a moment, but then quickly regrouped.

– Nate Diaz says Gomi is a legend and it was an honor to fight him. He says he looked up to him in the past and still does.

– White believes the beauty of the 205lb division is that it’s stacked so he feels there’s some talented guys waiting for Jon Jones including Rashad Evans who he points out looked great last time out.

Interestingly White adds that if Jones dominates the light-heavyweight division like Anderson Silva has at 185lbs then they have talked about the possilibity of him fighting at heavyweight.

– Mark Hunt says Ben Rothwell was very tough as he hit him with some hard shots and yet he kept coming. He also reveals that he’d been working a lot on his defensive wrestling skills for this fight.

– Koscheck still wants to have some fights at 185lbs, but he doesn’t say if he’d like to do so next. He does however add that he’d like to fight in November in San Jose.

– Jones claims that there was nothing sinister in the fact that he shrugged Rampage off his shoulders after the bell in the third round, saying that he just wanted to show that he was finishing strong and wasn’t tired.

– Jones shuts down a question from a reporter asking about Rashad Evans, saying moodily that he doesn’t want to talk about him tonight.

– Jones says he told Rampage after the fight that he loved and respected him so much. He reveals that when Rampage started to make fun of him at their first presser together it hurt him and he made a decision after that to start talking back to him if he did it in future.

– Dana White is non-commital about a superfight between Anderson Silva and Jones, pointing out that Jones has a lot of fights left at 205lbs and Silva is now 37.

– Rampage arrives at the press conference and jokes that he was late because he “had to wash Jones funk of me.” He then says he’s not a sore loser and is ok with the loss, though he’s disappointed he was submitted for the first time since Sakuraba. He smiles as he adds that he’s still happy as he made a lot of money.

– Jones reveals that Steven Seagal phoned him a few days before the fight to tell him he felt he would win and to ask whether he could come into the dressing room before the fight and speak to him as he had some pointers. Jones refused as he felt it would be disrespectful to his team.

– Rampage felt very confident, but admits that he got desperate a couple of times as he wasn’t sticking to his gameplan. He says he brought in big training partners to mimic Jones, but he can now see it’s different when you are in the cage with him.

Rampage believed that Jones was all hype, but now realizes that he is as good as people believe and he thinks that only Rashad has a chance to beat him since he trained with him in the past.

– Asked why he seems a little subdued Jones states that he and Rampage did a lot of talking and now he’s just glad it’s over. He also says his feet are hurting and he’s looking forward to having an ice bath and just relax with his family.

– Diaz feels that GSP dodged a bullet due to the fact that he’s no longer fighting his brother in October.

– The altitude didn’t effect Jones as he trains at high altitude in New Mexico. He was glad that his cardio was good as he noticed a lot of other fighters tiring during the event.

– White isn’t sure which city they’ll be coming to next in Brazil but they are debating it. They expect Brazil to be one of the biggest markets in the world for them.

– Rampage asks Jones if he was impressed by his wrestling. “I made one shot and you stuffed it nice” Jones replied. – “That’s what she said” Rampage responds which has everybody in the room laughing, particularly Jones.

– Rampage says he respects Jones more than Evans as a fighter since he came out and fought him. He implies that Evans didn’t bring the fight to him when they fought, and goes on to say that due to the fact he came into that fight injured that Evans could have been the first fighter to stop him in the UFC if he had brought the fight to him.

– Jones finally speaks about Evans without being prompted. “Rashad does not have my number. He’s not even close to having my number.”


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