In preparation for his title fight with Jon Jones, former title holder Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson has watched tape on his opponent and came to one over-riding conclusion – the current light-heavyweight champion just doesn’t hit hard.

“I’m not worried about his punches or his kicks – I’ll walk right through it ‘cos he ain’t showing me no whole lot of power,” Rampage says in his UFC 135 pre-fight interview with “Especially with the way he stands, his stance is all wrong to even generate power, so…the guy can’t even bust a grape. I can honestly say that I’ve got him figured out.”

On the other hand Rampage believes he packs plenty of power in his own punches, and he believes that will be the difference on September 24th when the two meet in the Octagon in Colorado.

“I don’t think that Jones chin can take the kind of force that my hands are going to bring in this fight, I don’t think he’s ever been hit that hard. I’m going to bring it.”

It’s an interesting claim by Rampage when you consider that Jones hasn’t gone the distance in six fights and has finished three of his last four by TKO with the other coming by submission. Along the way he became the first man to stop Ryan Bader and gave Mauricio ‘Shogun’ Rua, the champion at the time, the worst beating of his career.

While it’s fair to say that so far Jones hasn’t shown one-punch knockout power what he does have is the ability to overwhelm talented fighters with enough strikes that after just five or ten minutes of fighting they look close to tapping out simply to avoid further punishment.

It should also be noted that despite being renowned for his own KO power, Rampage’s last four fights have gone to a decision, and his last stoppage win came against Wanderlei Silva three years ago.

So in recent times it’s ‘Bones’ who’s the proven finisher, not Jackson.

Regardless, he clearly believes he has Jones number, and a confident Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson is a dangerous prospect for anyone at 205lbs.

Watch the full interview below.