Following an exciting night of action at UFC 136 some of the big stars on the card joined Dana White to speak to the media at the post-fight press conference.

Read our notes from the presser below.

– Dana White reveals that the Texas event was a sell-out with a crowd of 16,164 and a gate of $2.3 million. He adds that this is the fourth best haul in the history of the arena (a previous UFC event is currently No.1).

– In reference to the length of time he’s been out for after his steroid suspension and money laundering case, Chael Sonnen states “that was just the stuff I got caught for.”

“My word is good, a deal is a deal,” Sonnen says of his ultimatum laid down to Anderson Silva in the cage tonight. He also says that he noticed Silva didn’t stand up and accept his offer. He adds that if their roles had been reversed and Silva had said that to him he’d have went over and stuck the microphone up his ass.

– Kenny Florian isn’t sure what comes next for him or whether he might now retire. He needs to think about it.

As for his performance, Florian feels that he made some mistakes and wasn’t effective with his wrestling. He feels he needed to mix things up more.

– Dana White isn’t confirming the Silva Vs Sonnen fight, but he feels that the fans want it, and Silva is also fired up to fight him next after Sonnen’s comments.

– In reference to the fact that he won by submission this evening Sonnen admits that he’s willing to learn all types of skills and can’t recall making a statement that BJJ is only for kids.

– Jose Aldo says he had to keep his cool and fight at a measured pace out of respect for Florian’s skills and that meant he couldn’t be as explosive as he’d have liked to be.

– Dana compares Frankie Edgar to Rocky and Arturo Gotti and describes his come-from-behind victory as being like a scene from a movie. He has never seen anything like it before.

Going even further than that White states definitively that he believes Edgar is now the No.2 pound-for-pound fighter in the world, pointing out that he’s beating the best lightweight’s even though he’s undersized for the division.

He says he was jumping up and down with excitement when Edgar won the fight and compares it to the way he felt when Chuck Liddell fought.

– White says the UFC Fan Expo was a huge success and he loves the fans in Texas.

– Continuing to wax lyrical about Edgar, White claims he’s the best boxer in the UFC.

– If Edgar wanted to fight Jose Aldo he’d have to give up his lightweight title and move down to featherweight.

– Joe Lauzon feels that Melvin Guillard overlooked him and reveals out that his opponent was enjoying the sights and sounds of the fan expo today while he was purely focused on the fight. He hopes everyone he fights underestimates him like that.

– Leonard Garcia says Nam Phan caught him with a punch behind the ear in the first round and it left him feeling like he had one leg six inches longer than the other for the next round and a half.

Garcia adds that he would much rather have the win than the ‘Fight Of The Night’ bonus.

– White reiterates his belief that he values highly fighters who lay it all on the line and indicates that he’ll keep Garcia in the UFC despite his poor record.

– Gray Maynard seems to be philosophical about his loss. On reflection he feels that he was trying to pick his shots too much and was “loading up” too much with his strikes. He also jokes, “he’s a tough kid…I’m not sure he’s even got a button.” He says he hit Edgar with everything, and would have hit him with a bat too if he had found one. He then asks Dana where they keep the bats in the cage.

– Florian doesn’t feel his weight cut to 145lbs affected his cardio in the later rounds.

He sees no reason why Aldo can’t perform well at 155lbs.

– Florian sums up his performance: “I fought hard, I trained extremely hard…I wasn’t successful. That’s it.”

– In regards to the possibility of Sonnen Vs Silva taking place in Brazil, White sounds skeptical about it and quips, “I want to get him out of there alive though.” He also says if it does take place on Superbowl weekend then it would happen in Las Vegas.

– Edgar says he thought “not again” and was “definitely out of it” after being hurt badly in the first round. He had the experience of having been there before though and therefore knew he could still come back and win.

– Edgar feels it’s “an honor” that Dana White thinks he’s the No.2 p4p fighter in the world, but he accepts that it’s just an opinion and others may disagree.

“I forgive Vitor, he’s a fool.” Sonnen says of Belfort’s recent negative comments towards him. He also says to pass him a message that he’ll be back in his hotel in 30 minutes and he wants Belfort to pick up his luggage.

– Maynard says that he’s down but not out and wants to fight his way back up the ladder and prove to everybody that he can do it. “I got heart, I’m not going to quit.”

“It was definitely a big night for Joe Lauzon in every way, shape and form,” White says, but won’t be drawn on what comes next for him.

– Lauzon feels this was up there with his biggest victories, but he still rates his quick win over Jens Pulver as his most special for a number of reasons including the fact it was his first fight in the UFC.

– Aldo feels that Chad Mendes is ready for a title shot, but it’s not his place to say who’s next in line.

– White’s not sure who Edgar will face next.

– White believes Kenny Florian is one of the most talented fighters in the sport, pointing to the fact that he first entered the UFC via the TUF show at 185lbs and has fought successfully at a number of different weight classes. He also praises him for his intelligence and how much he’s improved over the years.

– Edgar reveals that his corner told him to move his head more to avoid Maynard’s big shots and that helped him going into the second round.

– Edgar says it’s definitely a nice possibility that he could go down to 145lbs if he wanted to, but while he’s the lightweight champion he doesn’t feel like it’s neccessary.

– Maynard says he felt good striking and so didn’t go for many takedowns. He also said Edgar is hard to take down and sweats a lot so he’s slippery to get a hold of.

– White confirms they want to do a fight at the huge Dallas Cowboys stadium in the future.

– In regards to a potential Edgar Vs Maynard 4 bout, White doesn’t completly shut down the idea, but indicates it wouldn’t happen any time soon.

– Edgar says that a fight with Strikeforce champion Gilbert Melendez makes sense and would probably sell a lot of pay-per-views.

– Phan says it “feels very good to get my first win in the UFC,” but admits he was worried he might lose again after Garcia started to come back strongly with big shots in the third round.

– Dana jokes he would have killed himself if Edgar and Maynard had fought to a draw.

– Asked if he has more swagger now that he’s champion. Edgar claims that he’s had that for a long time and tells Dana “it’s a Jersey thing”. White teases Edgar that The Situation and Snooki were here tonight and he didn’t want to let them down.

– Aldo wanted to kick Florian more, but was told by his coaches not too.

– Phan would prefer to put his rivalry with Garcia behind him, but if the UFC want them to have a third fight then he’s up for it.

– Reflecting on their trilogy Edgar says that Maynard forced him to be the best that he could be. He also believed it helped both of the fighters become better known.

Maynard believes he may look back in 20 years and appreciate it, but right now he’s in the moment and just wants to get back in the gym and work his way to the top again. He is glad he was a part of it though and hopes that the fans enjoyed the fights.

– Sonnen believes that he beat Silva last year and is in fact now the ‘real’ middleweight champion and tonight was his first title defence. He’s now willing to give Silva a shot at the ‘real’ title.

– Aldo would be honored to fight in front of his home fans in Manaus, Brazil – a rumored destination for the UFC in 2012.

– Edgar describes finally getting a win over Maynard as “a weight off my shoulders.”

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