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UFC 136 Pre-Fight Press Conference Notes

The UFC today held their pre-fight press conference for this weekend’s UFC 136 event in Houston, Texas.

See below for keynotes from the presser.

– Maynard says he feels good, is prepared and “it’s about time to have fun.”

– Edgar believes the last fight showed that Maynard doesn’t have his number and he’s looking forward to putting this whole thing to bed.

– Dana White admits he hates draws and he’s looking forward to getting the upper reaches of the lightweight division going again once they get this rematch out of the way.

“Nobody wants to fight Brian Stann” Chael Sonnen claims, but accepts the fact that they would have to fight eventually.

– Sonnen says he’s “accepted” the fact that ring rust is probably going to be a factor and is “just going to have to deal with it.”

– Stann says wrestling has been the focus of his training for two years so feels he’s prepared for what Sonnen brings to the table. He points out that he’s still hoping to use his fists though.

– Florian expects a bloody fight against Aldo and respects him as a dangerous fighter. He says he’s going to “get this done” though and believes this is his time.

– Florian doesn’t see this as his last stand. He still loves to train and to fight and he wants to continue to compete against the best fighters.

– Aldo feels that Florian is performing at the same level at 145lbs as he did at 155lbs.

– Dana believes Aldo Vs Florian is a great fight. He thinks both are guys who go into finish fights. He will look to see whether Florian can prove him wrong with his previous comments that he fails to perform in his big fights.

– Florian can’t wait to see Edgar Vs Maynard after his fight on Saturday night.

– White says FOX are already the best partners they’ve ever had even though the deal doesn’t officially start until 2012.

– Sonnen says that a lot of his comments aimed at Brazil were “in good fun,” but he appreciates what the Brazilian people think about it. Despite that he’s not going to apologize for continuing to “stick his finger in Anderson Silva’s chest.”

– Sonnen: “I’ve never told Dana I want a title fight, I’ve told him I want the title…there’s a difference.”

– Aldo says he came in a little heavier for his last fight, but has made sure he’s been cutting weight a little earlier this time to make things easier during fight week.

– Sonnen says there’s no position in the Octagon that he feels entirely comfortable with and he’s always striving to improve on all areas of the game. He also admits that there’s always some doubts in your mind when you’re heading into a fight, but he’s still bought a ticket and is going along for the ride.

– Stann doesn’t expect Sonnen to have ring rust, though he does believe there’s a certain rhythm to fighting and a mental edge that you can lose if you’re not fighting regularly.

– Stann reveals that Sonnen was actually the ringside announcer at his first ever fight, and that despite the fact that he was an unknown at the time Sonnen spoke to him and was very respectful.

Having said that he reassures everyone that they won’t stop hitting each other until the final bell rings.

There was then a good post-conference staredown between Edgar and Maynard, with the challenger looking particularly intense and determined.

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