UFC 137 may have generated a lot of headlines in the past few months for a variety of reasons, but when it comes to pay-per-view numbers it continued the current trend of producing a sub-par performance.

According to The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer, Saturday’s show is estimated to have done in the region of 255-300,000 buys.

For the UFC that’s a massive disappointment considering that at the start of September this was being viewed as one of the promotion’s big draws for the entire year.

What went wrong? A lot! From the original title fight between GSP and Nick Diaz being canceled due to a series of media no-shows from Diaz, to St.Pierre then pulling out of his rearranged headliner with Carlos Condit due to injury on short notice, this was yet another card in 2011 that’s been hit badly by circumstances outwith the UFC’s control.

Losing GSP was the biggest blow and likely cost them several hundred thousand PPV sales based on his past fights which tend to fall around the 800,000 mark.

Still, BJ Penn Vs Nick Diaz was a good fight and it’s a shame that it couldn’t move the needle more than it did.

I remain optimistic that the UFC can pull themselves out of their current PPV slump however as they still have some very big events to come in 2011, most notably Jon Jones Vs Lyoto Machida at UFC 140 and Brock Lesnar Vs Alistair Overeem at UFC 141, while November 12th’s ‘UFC On FOX’ special potentially could introduce millions of new viewers to the sport that could convert into a PPV boost further down the line.

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  1. It’s definitely been a tough year. It’s probably just as well that the FOX deal is about to kick off in order to breathe new life into it.

    Having said that you can’t legislate for the injury problems they’ve had, although I do also feel that they are pushing the boat out with the number of PPV’s they expect fans to purchase over the course of the year these days.

  2. UFC 137 basically showed that Diaz(who is always whining for more money)doesn’t draw PPV fans. Had St. Pierre fought anyone on that card the PPV numbers would be 800,000 as that is what he averages. Diaz doesn’t draw fans to watch him fight because he has never been compared as a pound for pound best fighter in the world because he isn’t where St. Pierre is always compared to Anderson Silva as who is pound for pound the best. People buck up to see the best pound for pound fighters and Diaz just doesn’t fit the bill. Diaz should thank St. Pierre for fighting him because with St. Pierre Diaz doesn’t get paid as much. Simple economics.

  3. That should say without St. Pierre’s drawing power Diaz doesn’t make as much money. They hype the Diaz St Pierre fight to sell PPV’s but it is rather obvious a pound for pound best fighter in the world is going to beat someone who is not but people will still pay to see it as I will. GSP has been criticized for not finishing his last fights and I agree it appears like he is fighting to win rather than finish. I believe this fight he will finish because he is very pissed off. Everyone wants to see him fight like he did to become the champ where he finished many opponents. I do too.