One of the most eagerly anticipated fights of the year pitting UFC welterweight champion Georges St.Pierre against Strikeforce welterweight title holder Nick Diaz is on course to headline UFC 137 on October 29th according to a report on MMAJunkie.

The fight, which will take place in Las Vegas, has been talked about for some time with both fighters having went on a dominant run at 170lbs, with GSP having notched up a nine-fight winning streak in the UFC, while Diaz produced a 10 fight unbeaten run of his own.

The chances of the two meeting in the Octagon had seemed unlikely though due to the fact they fought for rival promotions. However, after Zuffa purchased Strikeforce earlier this year there was suddenly room for negotiation.

Eventually a deal was reached with Showtime to allow Diaz to sign a new deal with the UFC that gives the greenlight for this ‘superfight’ to take place, while also allowing him the opportunity to go back to Strikeforce in the future.

As part of the deal Diaz vacated his Strikeforce title, with the promotion announcing yesterday that Paul Daley and Evangelista ‘Cyborg’ Santos will now fight it out to establish their new welterweight champion in July.