UFC 141: Lesnar Vs Overeem – Media Conference Call (Audio)

The UFC held a media conference call today for Friday, 30th December’s UFC 141 event with the two main event stars Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem both on the line to talk about their upcoming fight.

Take a listen to the full audio from the call below courtesy of MMANation.

– Lesnar sympathized with Overeem’s recent drugs-test issues, stating that he too has had to deal with rumors of steroids abuse throughout his career.

– Overeem did his best to avoid the issue of the pre-fight drugs test and said he was just focusing on the fight and insists that mentally he is on point.

– In regards to his own health Lesnar says he feels he’s in the best shape he’s been in a long time and has had time to work on developing his skills. He got frustrated later when people continued to enquire about how he had bounced back from his latest battle with diverticulitis.

– Overeem has been training with a number of different wrestlers to prepare for Lesnar, while Lesnar has been concentrating on sparring and his jiu-jitsu.

– In reference to the influx of talent into the UFC’s heavyweight division and the promise of more to come when Strikeforce’s heavyweight class shuts down, Lesnar acknowledges that it is improving and says he needs to keep improving himself.

– Overeem said that after winning a lot of titles with different organizations like Strikeforce, K-1 and DREAM that the UFC belt was the only thing he had left to aim for.


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