UFC 141: Post-Fight Press Conference Notes

– Dana White says he loves when fights live up to the hype like Diaz Vs Cerrone did.

– White didn’t have any idea Lesnar was going to retire but isn’t surprised, saying “I get it.” He says Lesnar earned a lot of money and achieved a lot of success for a guy who came to the UFC with a 1-0 record.

– Lesnar believes he may have broken his ribs and told White that if there’s something that hurts more than that did then he doesn’t want to know about it.

– The UFC president was puzzled by the fact Lesnar didn’t attempt to take Overeem down.

– Dana believed that Lesnar was going to beat Overeem, but he’s happy to hold his hands up and admit that he was wrong and the Dutchman looked impressive.

– Cerrone claims Diaz was “the bigger, badder dog” on the night and he now plans to go back and watch the fight and talk it over with his coaches about what he did wrong.

– Cerrone dismisses the idea that five fights this year was too much and says he’d fight 20 times next year if he could.

– Dana’s reaction to Jon Fitch’s KO – “Holy sh!t.” He adds this was a big night for Johny Hendricks, finishing the man many think is the No.2 welterweight fighter in the world.

– Nate Diaz wants to prove he can fight and beat the best so he wants a top ranked contender at 155lbs next.

– Hendricks says “the good lord blessed me with a left hand” and throwing that hard was always going to be the foundation of his gameplan heading into this fight. He feels the media didn’t give him a hope of winning in the fight, but he always had a punchers chance.

He’d now like to fight for the title, but if that doesn’t come he’ll fight whoever he’s given.

– Alexander Gustafsson isn’t ready to be talked about as a potential opponent for Jon Jones in the future, saying it’s too early for him and he just wants to continue climbing the ranks. He does however want to fight in his homeland of Sweden when the UFC goes there in April.

– Cerrone doesn’t know why he didn’t throw more kicks, confessing that Diaz did a good job of drawing him into hos boxing game.

Despite taking a bit of a beating Cerrone “had fun out there” putting on a show for the fans, but admits that his opponent got in his head and it sucked that he got walked down by Diaz.

– Dana believes that Matyushenko is a good gatekeeper at 205lbs and the fact that Gustafsson beat him means he’s ready to start taking bigger fights.

– Cain Velasquez should hopefully be back to training within the next 10 days.

– Lesnar will retire “under contract”. White is somewhat evasive about what that actually means though and doesn’t know how long the contract still has to go.

– Diaz credits his boxing coach of the last 6 or 7 years Richard Perez for his improved striking skills.

– According to Cerrone, Diaz told him “not to do any of that gay wrestling sh!t”

– Diaz said he didn’t want to come off as the bad guy with his pre-fight altercation with Cerrone, and he makes a point not to talk trash his opponents in the media as he knows that he can get beat on any given night and be made to look stupid.

– Cerrone says that after the fight Diaz apologized for knocking off his hat and offered him his own hat by way of an apology which he accepted.

– Dana praised Jim Hettes, saying “that kid is nasty” and he believes he’s one of the sport’s new breed. He was impressed that he also looked good with his striking despite being primarily a BJJ guy.

– Dana confirms that Lesnar won’t be attending the presser and Overeem is getting stitches. For the record the UFC president himself said he was feeling a little under the weather tonight.

– White believes that 2011 was “the big one”, the best year ever for the sport and it’s only going to get bigger now that they have the FOX deal coming up in 2012.

– Diaz says he has a big appetite, but he keeps in shape all year round and competes in triathalons with his brother in-between fights to maintain his weight and keep him motivated to train.

– Dana denies he’s down after finding out that Lesnar is retiring. According to him he’s glad when fighters make their own mind up about hanging up their gloves, rather than him having to make that decision for them.

– Ross Pearson said he was disappointed that he didn’t make a bigger statement in this fight that would show he is ready to take a run at the title. He did take some positives from his victory though, including the fact that he made a successful start in his new 145lb weight class.

– White didn’t hear Jacob Volkmann’s post-fight comments about Barak Obama, and adds, “Thank God”. His assessment is that he talks “weird sh!t” and “apparently he likes the government turning up at his door.”

– Overeem turns up to the conference. He claims he told his fiance the night before the fight exactly how it would go down – including finishing Lesnar with the liver kick.

– Overeem is “still a little bit blown away” by the UFC experience. He feels it was “a hundred times bigger than Strikeforce” and also bigger than fighting in K-1. He loves it.

– He says he’ll have a different gameplan for his fight with Junior Dos Santos as his style is a lot different than Brock’s.

– He knew that his knees were working against Lesnar as after he took one he started to break away from the clinch whereas normally the former champ is keen to engage in the clinch.

– Overeem doesn’t know yet where he will train for his title shot.

– Regarding Lesnar’s retirement Overeem says he shouldn’t, stating that he’s done a lot in his short career and still has more to give the sport and that it’s always a big event when he competes.

“Training went well despite the distractions,” Overeem says and he claims that no-one could take him down during practice which gave him confidence going into this fight.

– Overeem’s vision was impaired in his right eye due to blood leaking in from a cut very early in the fight, but he didn’t let it affect him.

– The Reem claims he hasn’t heard of rumors on the internet that his fight purse has been legally withheld by his former fight team Golden Glory over a contract dispute.

– The summer is when Overeem would like to fight Junior Dos Santos, and before that he’d like a big holiday and to get his affairs in order as there’s still things to be sorted out (he doesn’t say exactly what).


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