UFC 142 Prelims On FX – TV Ratings

The UFC made their debut on FX this past weekend with a two hour UFC 142 prelim special and figures in today show that it was watched by an average of 880,000 viewers.

That’s somewhat of a disappointment given that it’s below the ratings the UFC had become accustomed to pulling during their time on Spike TV which never dipped below 1 million viewers, but it is up marginally on the numbers we saw during the three prelim specials that aired on Ion TV.

FX is a network that’s more than capable of producing comparable, if not better than Spike TV, but it may take a while for casual fans to twig to the fact that the promotion has now moved over to the station. It’s also worth noting that UFC 142 was not a particularly strong event on paper and was heavily slanted towards the Brazilian market where the main card aired free and proved to be a big hit, attracting 23 million viewers.

This coming Friday’s ‘UFC On FX 1’ event should help in that regard, and it will be very interesting to see how it performs, particularly as there hasn’t been a whole lot of hype behind it amidst a packed January schedule for the company that culminates with ‘UFC On FOX 2’ the following week.


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