UFC 142 Watched By 23 Million Fans In Brazil

UFC 142: Aldo Vs Mendes was a fight that was focused strongly towards the Brazilian market, and it’s a decision that appears to have paid off as an estimated 23 million fans tuned in to watch it on Globo TV in the region.

“It hit 70% share during the late night, it was excellent,” Brazilian commentator Galv√£o Bueno told the globo.com site.

It’s hard to imagine that those who tuned in were anything other than thrilled with what they say during the action packed show which saw a string of stunning victories by Brazilian fighters.

The sight of Jose Aldo knocking out Chad Mendes with a perfectly timed knee before rushing out of the cage to celebrate with the Rio fans who held him aloft on their shoulders will also surely have resonated with the audience and could turn him into the next superstar there alongside the likes of Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort.

The UFC’s sudden success story in Brazil over the past year or so has been quite remarkable, with the promotion’s first visit to Rio in the summer of last year also being a huge hit, while Junor Dos Santos title fight with Cain Velasquez in November continued the run with tens of millions tuning in to witness him seize win the belt.

Continuing to ride this wave of moment the UFC’s are now set to continue with Belfort and Wanderlei Silva starring in The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil and a stadium event rumored for the summer.


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