As usual the UFC held a post-fight press conference following the UFC 143 event and you can see our keynotes from the presser below.

– Dana White had the fight scored 48-47 to Carlos Condit, believing that he won the last three rounds. He understands how other people may have it differently due to the varying perspectives on the way Condit fought.

Diaz was surprised by how technical the main event was, admitting that he thought it would be more of a brawl.

– Dana says he can’t be upset about Diaz Vs GSP falling through as things like that happen and he doesn’t think about it.

– Dana likes the fact that Condit had said pre-fight that he would be willing to fight again before facing GSP. He says it is possible that Condit could defend his interim title before getting a shot at the champion depending on when St.Pierre is ready to fight again.

– Josh Koscheck felt his performance was affected by the lack of hype he had in the build-up to this fight.

Surprisingly Koscheck says that he’s going out on his own training wise and won’t be affiliated with AKA anymore. Sounds like there may be some bad blood there, though he doesn’t mention it specifically.

– White was very impressed with Fabricio Werdum’s performance, believing it to be the best he’s ever seen him.

– Dana thinks that once Diaz relaxes and calms down that he’ll probably change his mind about retirement, but at the same time he doesn’t believe this is the kind of sport you should be in if you are half in and half out.

– Fabricio Werdum gets a laugh by throwing up his infamous ‘happy face’. He says he’s improved as a striker and also thinks his technical BJJ work with the Gi is important to his success.

– Ed Herman is just delighted to still be in the UFC and have the opportunity to have a second chance at his career after his injuries.

– Anderson Silva Vs Chael Sonnen has been verbally agreed upon according to Dana.

– Dustin Poirier isn’t rushing to get a title shot and believes he still has a lot of improvements to make so that when he does get a title shot he can win the belt and keep it for a long time.

– Stephen Thompson says this debut victory was huge for him, getting the chance to fight on the world’s biggest stage. He confesses he’s never even been to a press conference before, so he’s just enjoying the moment.

– Dana’s not sure when GSP is going to be fit, but says he’s “far from ready” at the moment and actually injured his knee tonight when he jumped up after the end of the main event.

– Carlos Condit says Diaz pace is second to none so it was a big part of his gameplan to chop down his legs to slow his pace.

Condit didn’t feel that Diaz’ punches were that effective. He was pretty confident that he won the fight and didn’t have any doubts before the judges decision came in.

Regarding a potential fight before finally facing GSP, Condit says he doesn’t have an answer for that yet.

He believes he came and did what he had planned to do and if he had fought Diaz kind of fight he probably wouldn’t have won the fight, so he feels justified in his performance and shrugs off any potential fan backlash to his performance.

– Condit reveals Diaz said to him “So, we’re doing spinnin’ sh!t now?” after he threw a spinning elbow strike. He admits to cracking a smile at that.

He was determined to stick to his gameplan and maintain his focus regardless of what Diaz said.

– Condit feels good and all the pressure is gone, but it’s going to take him some time to process what’s just happened.

– Poirier would still really like to fight Erik Koch and thinks that would be a good one, but he also mentions The Korean Zombie as another potential opponent.

– Koscheck would definitely entertain a fight with Nick Diaz if that could be arranged.

– Condit feels that he’s had a pretty good run of defeating people that he was the underdog against. At the same time he doesn’t feel disrespected by the fact he’s been overlooked, and understands why GSP wanted to fight Diaz.

Condit won a Harley Davidson tonight. He’s pretty stoked about it, but admits he doesn’t ride bikes. “I guess I gotta learn, huh?”

– Werdum admits he did point to the floor during his fight in an attempt to distract Nelson so he could kick him in the head. “I like to joke,” he explains.

– Werdum is very keen to fight in Sao Paulo, Brazil when the UFC heads their in June.

– Thompson says he’s knocked a lot of people out with the same jab, cross, roundhouse combination which he calls “The Moneymaker”, but given that this was in the UFChe considers this latest one to be his best.

– Condit feels he picked Diaz apart and that his opponent only won perhaps the last round. Dana pipes up and says, “that’s crazy.”

– Dana is amazed by the popularity of the UFC in Brazil.

– Condit believes he can beat GSP because the champ is very methodical in the way he fights whereas he likes to mix things up and “create chaos.”

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