UFC 145 Prelims On FX: TV Ratings

The UFC 145 live prelims special on Saturday Night drew an average of 1.6 million viewers on FX figures released today reveal.

That’s the best audience figures the UFC has enjoyed to date on the FX channel since their deal with FOX began in January, up 100,000 for their last prelim special for UFC 144. It also bests the two ‘UFC On FX’ events which drew 1.3 and 1.4 million viewers respectively and is a far cry from the 880,000 viewers that the first UFC prelim special on the channel drew back in January.

While the UFC has so far struggled to gain traction with the new season of The Ultimate Fighter: Live on FX today’s numbers are more encouraging as it continues a noticeable upward trend for each of their live events.

Both FX and the UFC will no doubt also be pleased to note that Saturday’s show also topped the 1.5 million average that their prelim specials did during their time on Spike TV.

Overall my own personal view is that it’s quite remarkable that the UFC has been able to enjoy these kinds of ratings on both Spike TV and now FX given that these are just undercard fights that haven’t been heavily promoted and just a few years ago no-one would have got to see unless they were re-shown during a lull in the action of the main PPV event.

UFC TV Ratings On FX So Far:

UFC 145 ratings (prelims): 1.6 million viewers
UFC 144 ratings (prelims): 1.5 million
UFC on FX 2 ratings (main card): 1.4 million
UFC 143 ratings (prelims): 1.4 million
UFC on FX 1 ratings (main card): 1.3 million
UFC 142 ratings (prelims): 880,000


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