Below we’ve got full notes for you from the UFC 146 post-fight press conference in Las Vegas.

– On paper this looked like a great card and it proved to be that says Dana.

– Dana likes the idea of Junior Dos Santos Vs Cain Velasquez II and feels Velasquez deserves the opportunity though he has no idea when such a fight might take place.

– Roy Nelson had planned to grapple with Dave Herman over three rounds, but things worked out differently.

– Nelson had predicted pre-fight that Dos Santos would beat Mir so he wasn’t surprised by the outcome. He thinks the only fighter who’s given the champion a run for his money is himself.

– Cain Velasquez says the only reason he’s in the sport is to be the champion so he just doesn’t feel right without the belt right now. He feels great that he now appears to be on the verge of another title shot.

He thinks he’ll do “much better” facing JDS for a second time.

– After Frank Mir failed with his first takedown attempt and was impressed with his takedown defense so he decided he’d wait to try another one until later in the fight. Overall though the thing that threw him about Dos Santos style was his footwork which he thought was very impressive.

– Junior Dos Santos said his strategy was to tire Mir out in the first round and go for the knockout in the second, and that’s just how it worked.

– Dana thinks Dan Hardy is a fun guy and a fun fighter and they are happy to have him around.

– Stefan Struve said he had been practicing a flying armbar, but the opportunity didn’t present itself.

– Hardy is a little disappointed that he didn’t get to show some of the new tools that he has in his bag.

– Dana was really pleased with the crowd tonight which featured a notable number of Brazilian and Mexican’s, while he noted that both Dan Hardy and Roy Nelson amongst others got a good pop from the fans.

Dos Santos said seeing the Brazilian fans helped inspire him.

– Someone suggests that Dan Hardy may now be considered as a TUF coach for the Australia Vs UK show, but Dana dismisses that idea.

– Very interesting: Brock Lesnar was shown at Octagon-side tonight and when asked about it Dana is somewhat coy but appears to hint that he could be interested in returning to the UFC.

– Jamie Varner admits he saw the fight going a lot of ways in his mind, but he never envisaged him getting a first round KO victory. He expected to go three full rounds and have his afterparty in the hospital! He says he’s just very happy to be back in the UFC.

– Dos Santos feels that he can be the champion for a long time to come. He doesn’t mind who he faces next, but if it is Velasquez again then he respects him and thinks the former champ has some unique skills in the division such as his stamina and speed.

– Velasquez would take the fight to Dos Santos more if they do fight again rather than sitting on the outside as he did the first time round.

– Dana says the UFC has a lot of respect for Jamie Varner and that’s why he was asked to come back to the UFC for this show.

– Mir is taking some comfort from the fact that he lasted a reasonable amount of time in the Octagon with Dos Santos and didn’t just fold after the first time he got hit. He says he’ll go back to the gym and then come back to fight.

– White admits it’s been a rough month for him, but he feels good at the moment.

– Mir reveals he was concerned about getting caught by Dos Santos uppercut if he was to shoot for the takedown, and that’s why he wasn’t looking to time it correctly rather than trying to do so on multiple occasions.

– Dos Santos says Mir can take a punch and his hand is sore as a result of the strikes that landed.

– Alistair Overeem will fight in the UFC again, but Dana won’t deal with him – that’ll be Lorenzo Fertitta’s job. He does believe that Overeem will still be in title contention when he returns from his suspension at the end of the year.

– Hardy declares it was a good night for Nottingham, England after both he and his friend the boxer Carl Froch won.

– Paul Sass is asked if he wants to get more attention now that he’s strung together a few wins in a row. The UK fighter seems very shy and nervous in front of the camera though and says he doesn’t mind, he’ll do whatever the UFC want him to.

Dana speaks up for him though and states that beating Volkmann was a big step up for him and we will get a higher profile fight next time out.

– White is impressed with Strikeforce GP tournament winner Daniel Cormier and suggests that when he does finally make it over to the UFC that he could be in line for a title shot. He’d like to see him fight at 205lbs though as he thinks he’s small for a heavyweight compared to some of the guys fighting in the UFC.

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