Saturday night’s UFC 150 prelims on FX dipped below the one million mark once again, with an average audience of just 974,000 viewers.

That puts it only marginally off the 969,000 that the UFC 147 prelims drew, and just below the 1 million that turned in for the UFC 149 undercard coverage.

Those low numbers are a cause for concern, though it should be noted that sandwiched in between them was UFC 148’s prelims which drew 1.8 million – the best rating so far for the promotion on FX.

Saturday’s preliminary card was short on star power, but the four fights on FX were entertaining with only one going the distance.¬† However, the show was going up against the penultimate day of the Olympics which have consistently been producing record TV ratings on NBC which may have impacted on the overall viewership.

FX Prelim Ratings So Far In 2012:

  1. UFC 148 ratings: 1.8 million viewers
  2. UFC 145 ratings: 1.6 million
  3. UFC 144 ratings: 1.5 million
  4. UFC 143 ratings: 1.4 million
  5. UFC 146 ratings: 1.3 million
  6. UFC 149 ratings: 1.0 million
  7. UFC 150 ratings: 974,000
  8. UFC 147 ratings: 969,000
  9. UFC 142 ratings: 880,000