While UFC 151’s cancellation today is a huge disappointment for fans of the sport, it’s come as a bigger blow to many of the others competitors who were expecting to fight next Saturday night and are now left wondering when they are going to get to compete, and how they are going to make ends meet until then.

Speaking to MMAfighting’s Ariel Helwani, Jake Ellenberger and Jay Heiron gave their thoughts on the news.

Jake Ellenberger: “I know Jon, and I like him,” he said. “It’s frustrating for me not being able to [fight] next weekend. My opinion would be if you’re the champion you should fight who they tell you to, but I’ve never been in his position.  The card being canceled is very odd.”

Jay Heiron: “If it’s me, I fight short notice fights all the time. I know a lot of guys that do it too. But I’m not mad at [Jones].”

Below we list the initial Twitter reactions of a number of the other fighters who were on the ill-fated card.

Danny Castillo: “Wow! WTF! #HeartBroken.  Who got $50 I can borrow till my next fight?;)”

Shane Roller: “Just heard the news. I got flights, hotels, tons of stuff I have 2 take care of. Just finished my last hard practice. Hope it’s not true.”

Charlie Brenneman: “Me n @rick_story took a fight on 24 hrs norice!!Champ what?!?!  @jonnybones u can send my check to PO box 198. EH NJ. Rent is due the first, so preferably by then. Thanks.”

Kyle Noke: “Im no longer fighting. the whole @ufc 151 card is cancelled. Sorry to all fans who bought flight, hotel, and fight tickets.”

Jeff Houghland: “Wait am I not fighting?? Please say it ain’t so I got bills to pay @ufc@jonnybones Can I at least get one of your new Nike T-shirts? I’ll give it to my kid since I won’t have any money for her school clothes.”

Henry Martinez: “I train my ass off I sacrifice myself&my family and my fights get canceled and sponsors bullshit me and don’t pay. #livid