The ratings are in for Saturday night’s UFC 153 prelims on FX and show that an average of 1 million viewers tuned in to see the two hour live show.

That’s an increase of 45,000 viewers compared with the UFC 152 preliminary broadcast back in September, though down 100,000 viewers from last week’s ‘UFC On FX 5’ event.

Overall it falls around the middle of the pack compared to other prelim shows aired on the FX channel, though it’s a little shy of the 1.22 million average for 2012 as a whole.

UFC Prelim Shows On FX So Far:

UFC 148 ratings: 1.8 million viewers
UFC 145 ratings: 1.6 million
UFC 144 ratings: 1.5 million
UFC 143 ratings: 1.4 million
UFC 146 ratings: 1.3 million
UFC 153 ratings: 1.0 million
UFC 149 ratings: 1.0 million
UFC 150 ratings: 974,000
UFC 147 ratings: 969,000
UFC 152 ratings: 955,000
UFC 142 ratings: 880,000